Terms & Conditions

Matchmaker Alliance 2019 Conference at Red Mountain Resort and Spa 

Cancellation Policy & Terms and Conditions




To reserve your room, you must pay for one night (including taxes, fees, and service charge) and the Zion trip, if applicable. This payment is refundable less a $50 cancellation penalty per person up to September 13th (60 days prior to the conference).  


If you are sharing a room, Maxine needs both deposits at the same time.  


Since this conference has an option of 3 or 4-night stays, you and your roommate must both stay for the same amount of nights.  


If you are rooming with someone, you must agree to be responsible to your roommate for your half of the room, no matter when you cancel.  In the event a suitable roommate cannot be found to replace you, you will be responsible for the difference between the single and double rate plus any penalties. If a new roommate is found, you will be refunded all but the $50 cancellation fee imposed by the resort.  The new roommate will assume your financial responsibility for your half of the room.


If you cancel after September 13th, you will forfeit your deposit (one night including service charge and taxes).  

If you cancel after November 3, you will also forfeit your excursion to Zion deposit ($314).

If you check in and for any reason must depart the resort early, you are responsible for 50% of the remaining portion of your stay.  



3-night stay single occupancy:  $1,108.01 

3-night stay double occupancy:  $906.56 (per person)    

4 nights stay single occupancy:  $1,477.35

4-night stay single occupancy with Zion trip:  $1,822.46       

4-night stay double occupancy:  $1,208.74 (per person)

4-night stay double occupancy with Zion Trip:  $1,553.85 (per person)


These rates include your room, meals, included activities, the service fee and taxes (taxes may change slightly).  


Please note:  After September 13th, we must release all rooms held for our group.  Rooms booked after September 13th will be on an availability basis and pricing may increase.  We can’t guarantee rooms will be available, so please reserve ASAP.


While at the resort, purchases or services that are not included in the room rate will be your sole responsibility and must be paid for at checkout.  When you check in you will give your credit card.  When you check out, your bill will include the remainder of your stay (you will have paid for one night in advance) as well as any items or services that were not included in the room rate.


Travel Insurance:  

As always, we suggest you purchase travel insurance for your trip.  Maxxe Travel (516-776-6985) will quote you on this and you can insure your air as well if you choose.   


By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you are authorizing our Travel Agent, Maxine S. Ezra, MAXXE Travel, to have Red Mountain Resort charge your deposit to the credit card you provide to her.  


What you need to pay now:

  • Deposit is approximately $303 double occupancy

  • Deposit is approximately $370 single occupancy

  • The optional Zion Excursion (with box lunch) is $346 and must be reserved and paid with your deposit. 

Getting There:


If you fly into Las Vegas, there are numerous buses and shuttles that regularly run between Las Vegas to the St. George Airport.  It is about a 2-hour trip and round trip cost is approximately $90.  The resort will pick you up from the St. George airport if you provide your arrival time.  You can also rent a car and drive.


It is easier to fly directly into St. George, but it will likely be more expensive and require a stop.  If you fly into St. George, Red Mountain Resort will pick you up at the airport (you must provide flight details).   

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