Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of attending your conference over another dating industry conferences?

You will develop professional and personal relationships with others in your industry in an informal and fun setting. The matchmaking and date coaching professionals that typically attend our conference are veterans of the dating industry, and due to the collaborative nature of the group, there truly is no other dating event quite like ours! Our speakers are exceptional, and the fun we have as a group is really priceless. 

Do I need to be a Matchmakers Alliance member to attend?

The Matchmakers Alliance is a non-profit.  Membership is not required, but we’d really appreciate your support.  It’s only $50 to join.  (Thanks!)

Is this conference date-coach friendly?

 Absolutely!  This is a dating industry conference.  There is a large focus on coaching, and we are excited to have wonderful coaches among our Matchmakers Alliance members and our speakers.  

Can I attend if I am new to the industry?

Yes! We’d love for you to come. What better way to learn about the dating industry than to have both conference sessions and face to face time with reputable and experienced dating professionals? Join us!

What is the cost?

Cost of the 2019 Matchmakers Conference is the total of the Conference Fee, Alliance Membership, and the room.

Conference fee: 
If you book by March 31, it's $100. 

If you book by July 31st, it's $300.

If you book by October 31st, it's $500. (Space not guaranteed.) 

Matchmakers Alliance Annual Membership - $50


3-night stay single occupancy:  $1,108.01 

3-night stay double occupancy:  $906.56 (per person)    

4 nights stay single occupancy:  $1,477.35

4-night stay single occupancy with Zion trip:  $1,822.46       

4-night stay double occupancy:  $1,208.74 (per person)

4-night stay double occupancy with Zion Trip:  $1,553.85 (per person)


These rates include your room, meals, included activities, the service fee and taxes (taxes may change slightly).  

Can I room alone?

Yes! The cost will be additional, and the travel agent will let you know the cost before confirming your booking. 

Can you help me find a roommate?

Yes! When you register, you can request for a roommate pair up. 

Can I bring a friend or significant other?


Can I bring my children?


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