Booking Information

Cost of Stay


3-night stay single occupancy:  $1,108.01 

3-night stay double occupancy:  $906.56 (per person)    

4 nights stay single occupancy:  $1,477.35

4-night stay single occupancy with Zion trip:  $1,822.46       

4-night stay double occupancy:  $1,208.74 (per person)

4-night stay double occupancy with Zion Trip:  $1,553.85 (per person)


These rates include your room, meals, included activities, the service fee and taxes (taxes may change slightly).  

Conference Fee

Book by March 31st... $100

Book by July 31st... $300

Book by October 31st... $500

How To Book Your Trip

Register for the conference on the Matchmakers Alliance registration page*.  You will pay your MMA membership fee and the conference fee using our online form.  Your credit card will not be charged for the Resort stay. 
Our travel agent, Maxine, will contact you to finalize your booking.  Maxine will discuss travel insurance and pricing options (for both single and double occupancy) with you.  At the time of booking, you will be charged deposit of $303 (double occupancy) or $370 (single occupancy). If you are attending the optional fourth day excursion to Zion National Park, $350 will also be due. 


Final payment will be due when you check in at the resort. 

*You must book your trip through our travel agent to be part of our group.

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